7 Ways to Inspire Your Team

Behind every great team and successful company is a great leader. It’s the leader that either pulls his team down or motivate them to go above and beyond. Now we ask you, how are you treating and motivating your team?

It is your role as a leader to inspire your team and be more than what they are expected; it’s your job to set the standard and help them grow to reach it.

Sitting back on your chair with your feet up on the table sure looks comfortable however, concentrating solely on your personal growth and career won’t help your business. Your team needs guidance, constant motivation, and most importantly, a leader to sway them to the right path—to greatness.

1. Bring in a guest speaker

If you’re having doubts with your ability to lead and want your whole team to get oriented as well, it’s better if you invite a leadership speaker over to inspire your team to reach success. Not only will you learn how to lead but your team will learn how to follow you as well.

2. Show they’re more than just an employee file

Just because you’re at the top of the chain doesn’t mean you should neglect your team members and remain authoritative without giving them any value. You should know that your team is what makes you and your brand grow.

It’s important that your team feels happy, satisfied and empowered to keep them productive. Unsatisfied employees says a lot about how your company works, your leadership, and you and the company’s treatment towards the people.

Speak with seemingly disgruntled employees about what they feel and what you can do to help them feel better in your company. Offer them coaching services if needed. This is an opportunity to illustrate how much you value your employees.

3. Encourage collaboration

Collaboration is fun and stimulates growth not just for each member but as a whole. Let your team work on group project/s, this will allow them to interact. It will show you how they communicate, how efficient they become when they work together.

Collaboration enables your team to clear their minds to reach the goal of their project faster (and a whole lot memorable and exciting). Besides, two (or more heads) are better than one, right?

4. Offer them opportunities to grow

It’s a no-brainer that your team will hope to get more involved and grow more as your company grows. Promotions, appraisals, trainings, more company perks, and likes are among the many ways you can show appreciation for your team in exchange for their hard work.

Offer them relevant trainings where they can learn a new skill that’s both beneficial to their career growth and in your organization. Encourage them to get involved more in your company industry and allow them to get their hands dirty. This step inspires them to level up their performance.

5. Push their limits

When your team performs as they are expected, they become stagnant. The moment their excitement vanishes into boredom because of the repetitive nature of their work, that’s the perfect time to swoop in.

Get your team out of their comfort zone. Assign them more challenging tasks that will instill growth and excellence. Spruce up their work and at the same time, increase their professional value.

6. Get to know them

Establish a good relationship between you and your team. How would you know if they’re stuck in a rut, lost, or happy if you don’t ask them? Spend time to get to know each and every member of your team.

Talk to your team. Maybe they have a better idea than yours for your social media campaign or web content. You wouldn’t know unless you ask. They wouldn’t resist the urge to speak their voice if they have a good working relationship with you.

7. Express gratitude

When scheduling meetings, allot a few minutes to talk about each members of the team. Sure there were some mishaps and mistakes made, they’ve promised they’ll do something about it and work on their performance, be more productive.

Look beyond their mistakes, don’t punish them. After that, where and why things went wrong, what they think they need to work on, and most importantly, talk about their accomplishments and show gratitude. These team made vast contributions to the company, remind them that their part of the company’s success.

Albeit each of us workers should have our very own motivations and oil to fuel our performance, it’s more motivating when you have someone (in this case, you manager or team leader), to push your limits. Someone needs to stir the car and drop the passengers to the right destination.