How to Prepare for a Job Relocation

Changing jobs is an exciting opportunity. At times, getting a new job also means that you have to move to different cities or even across the country or around the world. To understand how to relocate, there are plenty of things involved that is much more than just showing up to your new office. Handling the move, getting to know your new city, and making new social connections are just some of the many tasks you have to handle. Keep reading to find out how to relocate for a new job.

  1. Get the most out of your move

When you get offered a new job, probably the most tiring task is to get the moving done efficiently. Obviously, the best recommendation is to hire a moving company because they’re professionals who will pack up your furniture and belongings with care, often offering moving insurance to cover for any possible damage done to your things.

  • Ask for relocation assistance

Whenever your company relocates you to a different city, there’s a good chance they’ll offer some sort of assistance. When you’re closing the hiring deal, ask to see if you’ll be offered relocation assistance such as paying for moving expenses or given a stipend. If the relocation is international, there can be many cultural differences. In these cases, there’s something called a “Soft Landing Manual”, which includes basic cultural and legal aspects of the new country to take into account, as well as important information to keep at hand.

  • Negotiate relocation assistance

In case your company does offer relocation benefits, you should discuss them point by point so you can get the most favorable deal. For example, some companies pay for a few weeks of your hotel stay until you find a new place. You can negotiate to get some extra time or substitute your hotel allowance with full moving service or moving insurance.

  1. Check the environment

The best thing you can do to prepare for a job move is to travel to the new city and start driving around to check out all the neighborhoods. Locate your new work location and try to find good neighborhoods a short driving distance from there.

Keep in mind that living close to your job may not be your only consideration. You can also look for the best school districts for your children. Investigate hospitals or doctors if health is a concern in your family. It’s even important to research grocery stores or entertainment or shopping venues close by. Do all of this before your family gets there so the move goes on smoothly.

  1. Make social connections at the new location

There should be a “how to relocate” manual, because there’s much more than only looking for a new home and finding the right  school for the kids. It’s also important that you start building a strong social network for you and your family. Get to know the people who will work with you, investigate if they have kids your age. Check out who’ll be your neighbors, the people at your new gym and anyone who you think can give you a hand on your new life. Building a social network early can help you make the move a lot easier and your family will appreciate seeing friendly faces once they get there.

Some useful tips to create a strong social network is to meet people who have similar interests or mindsets as you. Let them know what you have to offer in this new friendship/relationship, don’t forget to add them on social media and keep in touch often so they don’t become just another contact on your phone.

  1. Make a paused transition

Probably the best kept secret to prepare for a successful job relocation is to take it step by step. If you try to arrive at your new city and do everything on the same week that you start work, the family will collapse in stress. So we suggest you take several trips to your new location where you’ll handle a few small tasks at a time before finally make the big move where you’ll have everything ready so you and your family just have to settle in your new place.

  1. Run the numbers to know the living expenses of your new city

Sometimes the last thing we think about with a job relocation is how much it will cost to live in the new city. Be smart, do your research and run your numbers. Check the cost of basic services such as electric, water, gas, phone and other services you’ll need. If your new job comes with an increase in pay, then you should also run numbers to check that your lifestyle will be the same or be better in your new city.

Relocating for a new job is a big deal, made up from many small tasks. While it is exciting news for you and your family, it also involves a lot of planning and hard work.  It’s important that you keep yourself organized and plan ahead so this big move doesn’t give you major headaches and you can make a smooth relocation that’ll give zero stress to you and your family.